2021 Update:
Please note that I am not actively doing pottery or weaving at this time. I am a full time Nurse and also keeping busy with my kids. I will not be resuming my art for some time and possibly not for years to come. Please view my website as a viewing gallery. While I have a few pieces left, they are mostly ones not pictured. You are welcome to contact me about them at becca@beccalicha.com. Thank you for your interest in my art.
Welcome to my website. I hope you will spend some time looking at my work, reading about the meaning of different pieces and considering what piece would be just right for you.

Ceramics is my passion! I love to create vase forms with cut out designs and rings. I call these pieces vessel-sculptures. They can be found on the Gallery page. I also make a series of ceramic Judaica (Jewish ritual objects). All the pieces are glazed in the Raku style. This process can yield dynamic surface effects with glazes such as copper luster or white crackle. The nature of the Raku firing is unpredictable. As a result, I never know where the cracks will happen or if the luster will dazzle. The art of Raku is letting go and allowing the piece to come into its own.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy,